Our Vision

College students are talented, capable and eager to make the world a better place. And they want to put skills they are learning into use outside the classroom.

Non-profit ministries do amazing work every day — but typically lack the staff or volunteers required to accomplish many of their most important objectives.

 ServeHere brings these two worlds together.

We Provide College Students With:

  • Internships


    Students are placed in roles where they apply the skills they are learning in school — in places where they can make a Kingdom impact.  We tune each placement to suit the interests and capabilities of the student.

  • Development


    Beyond the internship, each student participates in a program designed to accelerate their development spiritually and on-the-job. They are placed in a cohort with other ServeHere interns and follow a specially designed curriculum led by their mentor.

  • Mentorship


    Each intern is paired with a ServeHere mentor with substantial marketplace and Christian leadership experience. Additionally, each student is assigned a workplace mentor to ensure they’re giving and getting the most during their internship.

Ready to do more with your life?

If you love Jesus and want to explore how your life and career can answer a higher calling, maybe ServeHere is the building block you’re searching for. We identify extraordinary college juniors and seniors and place them in world class internships where they can grow like crazy here in Austin, TX.  If this sounds like you, why not take 3 minutes to apply with ServeHere?

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Alumni Stories

  • Addison Roden

    Addison Roden

    A marketing internship promoting an urban afterschool program through ServeHere helped equip Addie for early success in her career. Now working in San Francisco for Visa, Addie’s story is proof that hard-work, humility and helping others can help you stand out from the crowd.

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  • Lars Anderson

    Lars Anderson

    Civil Engineering and a heart for serving led Lars to Austin for a summer internship helping Water to Thrive define best practices for digging wells in Ethiopia. Upon graduating from Valparaiso University, he’s now an Austin resident and serves as a program organizer for Upbring, helping prepare the community to respond to natural disasters.

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  • Kathryn Skinn

    Kathryn Skinn

    Serving in a crisis pregnancy center and medical clinic for refugees through ServeHere were just a small part of Kathryn’s incredible experience helping the poor. Today she’s studying at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, developing the skills that will prepare her for a lifetime of impactful service.

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