Alumni Stories

Alumni from the ServeHere program are graduating from university and moving into a wide range of roles in the marketplace, in ministry, and in graduate school. Read about the impactful lives of some of these amazing young leaders on campus, and now, beyond!

  • Addison Roden

    Addison Roden

    A marketing internship promoting an urban afterschool program through ServeHere helped equip Addie for early success in her career. Now working in San Francisco for Visa, Addie’s story is proof that hard-work, humility and helping others can help you stand out from the crowd.

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  • Lars Anderson

    Lars Anderson

    Civil Engineering and a heart for serving led Lars to Austin for a summer internship helping Water to Thrive define best practices for digging wells in Ethiopia. Upon graduating from Valparaiso University, he’s now an Austin resident and serves as a program organizer for Upbring, helping prepare the community to respond to natural disasters.

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  • Kathryn Skinn

    Kathryn Skinn

    Serving in a crisis pregnancy center and medical clinic for refugees through ServeHere were just a small part of Kathryn’s incredible experience helping the poor. Today she’s studying at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, developing the skills that will prepare her for a lifetime of impactful service.

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  • Kelsey Storm

    Kelsey Storm

    An internship at Side By Side Kids helped put Kelsey on a path to changing the trajectory of under resourced children living in Austin’s inner city. This talented UT Psychology major now combines her deep faith with a strong desire to equip God’s children to achieve their full-potential in her role as the Afterschool Program Director at Side By Side Kids.

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  • Tim Hagen

    Tim Hagen

    While interning at Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Tim impressed a few volunteers who ultimately offered him a full-time role in their company. While he moved from evaluating micro-enterprise businesses for the homeless to evaluating acquisitions as an associate at a private equity firm, Tim continued to faithfully serve as a local YoungLife leader after graduation.

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  • Tanner Dobbs

    Tanner Dobbs

    Tanner loves helping small organizations achieve big results, a skill he put into practice during a ServeHere internship where he developed the business plan for an innovative new service at the Community First village for the chronically homeless. Today, Tanner brings his strategic planning skills to global organizations as an associate consultant at Bain.

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