Kelsey Storm

Kelsey in Classroom

Current Job:
Afterschool Program Director, Side By Side Kids

Major: Psychology (Spanish Minor)

College: University of Texas

ServeHere Internship: Side By Side Kids

In a very short period of time, Kelsey Storm has had an enormous impact on the lives of hundreds of economically disadvantaged students living in Austin’s St. John’s neighborhood through her work with Side By Side Kids (SBSK). Working there part-time as a 1st grade afterschool, while going to UT, then led to a summer internship through ServeHere that introduced her to the inner workings of SBSK and deepened relationships with their leadership. In the two years that followed her internship and graduation, Kelsey has quickly assumed a series of new roles and responsibilities for this highly-regarded faith-based non-profit.

Kelsey was a great fit for ServeHere for many reasons. She walked out her faith daily and demonstrated a huge heart for serving under-resourced and marginalized youth. Each year she looked forward to returning to the orphanage in Peru where she was developing relationships with children while helping them understand who they were in Christ. While at UT she led bible studies for homeless youth and helped children living with mental illness by volunteering at the Austin Child Guidance Center.  Kelsey excelled in the classroom as well, achieving a stellar GPA in the Liberal Arts Honor Program while becoming fluent in Spanish through a minor in the language and plenty of practice in her serving efforts.

Upon graduating from UT, Kelsey took on the role of Site Coordinator for Side By Side Kids where she oversaw all of their K-5 afterschool classrooms at T.A Brown Elementary School. It was a great stretch role for Kelsey as she had to supervise other teachers, coordinate volunteers, interact with parents, and ensure that goals for the program and individual students were achieved. She thrived in this new management-oriented role, and one year later Kelsey was promoted again to Afterschool Program Director. In this role she oversees the Site Coordinators in each of the four schools where SBSK operates, and she’s also responsible for establishing the program’s curriculum and recruiting afterschool teachers to staff their growing operations.

"Through ServeHere, I was able to grow deeper in my relationship with God, expand my professional network, and explore a TON of possibilities for my career and my future. The mentorship, guidance, and support I received were absolutely invaluable as I transitioned into the “adult world."

Moving fast is something that comes naturally to Kelsey. She graduated in just 2.5 years from the University of Texas with a degree in Psychology. Given her major, experience and interests, Kelsey evaluated a number of areas for her first role coming out of school including education, social work, and international ministry. But when presented with an opportunity to work full-time at Side By Side Kids, her response was an easy “yes”.  SBSK was an organization where she already felt loved, effective and connected to their mission. And the opportunity to serve the Lord each day by helping children living in challenging circumstances reach their highest God-given potential was in perfect alignment with her spiritual gifts and many talents.

For Kelsey, the transition from university to full-time work and adult life has included a big transition on the home front too. She recently married another UT alum, Todd Storm, a management consultant. The couple makes their home in central Austin and attend ACTS Church Leander. They enjoy catching movies at Alamo Drafthouse, trying new restaurants, and spending time with their dogs, Coco and Coy.

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