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Kick-Off Weekend 2013

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Summer 2013 Interns

On Memorial Day weekend, the ServeHere journey officially started. With a laptop, pen, and bible in hand, five college students were welcomed into the Panos home, ready to learn from orientation sessions prepared by Dave Panos.

Previous to the Kick-Off Orientation, Mr. Panos had collaborated with each college student to purposefully place him or her at a faith-based non profit as an intern. During the first day of orientation, each student was able to get to know one another better, some for the first time, and give details about their ministry. These are the interns and their given ministries:

  • Jordan Norton: Nineveh Ministries
  • Alex Wright: Hill Country Community Ministries
  • Emily Murray: Side By Side Kids
  • Hayden Courtney: Nineveh Ministries
  • Cilla Sutfin: Freelance Photographer for ServeHere

In my opinion, the most powerful part of the first day was starting off with “The Call to Serve” as Jesus followers. Mr. Panos started off by giving us nine verses, one to focus on for each of the nine weeks during the mentor process with ServeHere. For the remainder of the first day, and also during the second day, Mr. Panos covered topics such as: basics of the non profit world, elements of an internship, experiential learning, and how to efficiently plan, get organized, find work, and adapt to your boss/work environment.

Kick-Off Weekend 2013

In addition to invaluable information given by Mr. Panos, Mrs. Panos blew us away with her amazing cooking, John Calaway did an incredibly inspiring job sharing his story as a guest speaker, and last but not least, Lottie held the award for cutest dog in the house. It was a joyful way to kick start the intern’s summer in their ministries and with ServeHere.

We are excited to see how God uses this summer, and appreciate prayers of all kinds for Mr. Panos’ mentorship and the interns in their ministries!

About Cilla Sutfin

Cilla is a Communications major at the University of Texas. In her ServeHere internship, she serves as a freelance photographer and videographer for each of our ministry partners, capturing moments and creating inspirational resources. During the school year, Cilla is very active with Young Life and the Delta Delta Delta sorority.