Tim Hagen


Tim HagenCurrent Job:
Associate, Distinct Capital Group

Major: Finance

College: University of Texas

ServeHere Internship: Mobile Loaves & Fishes

As a rising senior and finance major at the University of Texas, Tim was challenged by the question of what career he should pursue upon graduation. Tim had spent much of his time at UT differently than many of his McCombs School peers who were competing vigorously for investment banking and consulting jobs. For three years, through YoungLife, Tim was heavily investing in a group of boys at Bowie High School. This experience led him to challenge previous assumptions about his career and to begin asking questions about how serving Christ would fit into his future plans. He was also anxious to put the skills he was learning into practice to help him determine if an office-job was a good fit for him.

During his summer with ServeHere, Tim interned for Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF), one of Austin’s fastest growing and most impactful non-profits. This faith-based organization is focused on lifting up Austin’s homeless brothers and sisters through a combination of programs designed to dignify the city’s disabled, chronically homeless population.

Working for the Chief Financial Officer, Tim’s primary project was to evaluate the financial performance of three micro-enterprise businesses comprising MLF’s Community Works program. Through a combination of forensic accounting and financial analysis, Tim created models for each micro-enterprise that helped leadership clearly understand their historical results as well as the future potential of each business. With this information in hand, decisions could be made about how to scale each micro-enterprise in a way that would deliver more income to the homeless men and women who participated in Community Works.

By all accounts, Tim’s internship was a big success. His work product was excellent, he loved the impact the organization was making on the community, and he was discovering he enjoyed financial analysis more than he anticipated, despite the sometimes tedious nature of the work. And time would ultimately show how God would open doors for Tim’s future through the work he did and the people he met while interning at MLF.

"ServeHere was vital as I searched for the path to begin my working life. ServeHere gently pushed me forward and created a space to critically evaluate the direction I was headed with my career.”"

One day toward the end of Tim’s summer internship he met and impressed a couple of Christian businessmen who were volunteering with the organization. When they learned about Tim’s background and interests, they offered him the opportunity to intern with them at Distinct Capital Group when he returned to school in the fall. Tim’s interest was piqued when he learned about the unusual nature of this private equity company. Not only was it run by Christian executives, but it had an explicit goal of fostering discipleship and spreading the gospel inside the portfolio companies they invested in.

Tim’s internship at DCG was followed up by an offer to join the company full-time upon graduation, where he is now in his second year as an Associate working for the Managing Director. In this role, Tim analyzes industries and companies for potential investment by DCG, and he works on special projects with portfolio companies. Tim has even managed to maintain a connection to Mobile Loaves and Fishes through DCG’s on-going support and involvement with MLF’s CommunityFirst project.

In the transition from college to adult life, many things changed but there was one important constant in Tim’s life. It was the senior year for the boys in Tim’s small group at Bowie High School, and Tim didn’t want to leave them behind in their last year, so he continued to support them as an adult YoungLife volunteer after he graduated from UT. Just because he was done with college didn’t mean he was moving on from the significant commitment he made to serve Christ.

Outside of his new job and the responsibilities it entails, Tim has kept constant many of the things he enjoys most about life. He lives with six college friends in a noisy house in central Austin and devotes a lot of time to music as the drummer for Duncan Fellows, the band he formed at UT. The indie rock of Duncan Fellows is even enjoying an increasing amount of notoriety locally, on Spotify, and through tour dates in places like LA, SF and the Pacific Northwest.

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